COVID-19 Jobseeker Resource Guide

Stella wants to help you during this trying time for you and your loved ones. If you’ve lost your job or been adversely impacted by COVID-19, here are some helpful tips to help get you going:

Stock image of employee working from home

Stay healthy.

Your health comes first. If you think you may have coronavirus symptoms, call your doctor immediately. To learn more about COVID-19, see the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention Coronavirus website here. You can find state resources here.

Look into government financial assistance programs benefits.

Look into government financial assistance programs benefits. Depending on your location and particular situation, you may be eligible for unemployment and COVID-19 relief benefits programs being put in place. Find details for your state of residence’s Department of Labor website here.

Check out who’s hiring now.

Amidst all this COVID-19 turmoil it may seem like no one is hiring, but they are. As people have limited their movement or been ordered to stay home, “essential businesses” big and small have been overwhelmed and are actively ramping up part time and full time hiring to meet the new demand. As are companies looking to hire remote/work-from-home employees. Check out our latest list here.

Update your job profile/resume.

If you haven’t been looking for work recently, your resume and job profile is probably out of date. Give it a quick update with your latest experiences, skills and contact details.

Think about your transferable skills.

While the industry and type of job you were recently working in may not be hiring, you have good experience and skills that you can bring to employers in other areas who are hiring. Things such as experience working with customers, problem solving, attention to detail, teamwork, mechanical ability, reliability and being a hard worker and quick learner are highly valued in many places

Keep applying.

In this environment, it’s really important to maintain momentum in your job search. Don’t just apply for one or two jobs and wait to hear back -- keep applying to others. You never know where your next opportunity is going to come from. This is your job now. Apply, apply, apply.

Get the most out of the Stella app.

For general tips on how to use Stella to get your next job, see our guide here.